Treatment of Allergies

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The BBA allergies treatment method will allow for the correction of malfunctions which are at the origin of the allergies or other dysfunction:

-the therapist re-programs the body using the energy meridians to permanently restore the body’s reactions and to harmoniously handle these substances, which the body had previously failed.
After treatment, the incompatibility between energies is completely gone and there will be no more trace of allergy, sensitivity or intolerance during subsequent contacts with the substance.
BBA tackles the energetic causes of the allergy and not simply the symptoms that result from it.

Example: Mr. P., a scientific with a responsibilities position in a large multinational company, consults us for a recurring problem of depression for the past 10 years. He informs us of his scepticism of an energetic method but, being pragmatic, he turns to us on family and friends advice because he desperately wants a solution to his problem. He was regularly sick and is continually on medication for this reason. Incidentally, he also suffers from transit disorders and bloating.

We are not precisely in the presence of symptoms commonly considered as allergic, but rather as intolerances in this case.

At the end of the BBA test, we decide to practice a field treatment on 6 substances. As soon as the 3rd substance is done, his bloating disappears and his mental condition improves. At the end of treatment on the 6 field substances, we do a specific BBA stress consultation. At that moment, feeling fully fit, he consults his doctor so that he can be accompanied in the phasing-out of his chemical treatment.

Today, it has been 3 years that Mr P. lives in full form, without requiring any medical treatment.

Why this result? Because, by acting on the body’s internal communication through the energy meridians, BBA has helped the body to again correctly manage the substances that are essential to its functioning. This has allowed the restoration of the body’s chemical balance, which has a direct impact on the body’s cerebral, hormonal and emotional functioning.


An Original Method :

The BBA method treats allergies and intolerances without any use of medication. BBA is a method that is natural, energetic, non-invasive and without any secondary effects. With an efficiency that is really impressive, BBA fits into an alternative medicine logic and is respectful of each method. It is not opposed to any other type of treatment.

BBA is a bridge between ancestral knowledge and modern world advances. Its true originality, unique in the allergies and intolerances fields, is its consideration of the human being as a whole entity in order to go even further in well-being and in the lasting resolution of diseases related to allergies, to all kinds of intolerances and to energy memories related to the emotional experience. BBA really deals with the person and the allergy field, in order to not be restricted to the single allergic symptom.



Progress of a BBA Allergies Treatment Meeting :


The person is tested for various substances that may be at the source of his problem ; A muscle tone test to determine whether or not the substances tested are at the origin of his health problems. It is also possible, depending on the practitioners, to practice this test with other methods: Chinese pulse or bio-feedback, for example.

Once the responsible substances are determined, the treatment consists of a digital acupuncture point’s stimulation while the person is in contact with a corresponding sample of the treated allergen.

The therapist permanently treats a substance, or group of substances, in each session.

At the end of each session, the patient must respect an eviction time for the treated substance of 25 h (6 h for children), which allows for the information to be conveyed to all the meridians and allows for a proper elimination of toxins associated with the treated allergen. These eviction times are related to the natural rhythm of energy circulation in the meridians, as clarified by acupuncture.

It might be tempting to dispense with this eviction period, though very short-lived: for many years, as practitioners, we are regularly faced with clinical situations of people treated by practitioners using various methods saying they can dispense with this 25 hours eviction period. Force is to note, in the light of experience, that this momentary eviction period is very important. On the one hand, it allows each meridian to completely and sustainably memorize the treatment. On the other hand, it allows the body to well drain the toxins that had accumulated because of this allergy or intolerance. This period ensures efficiency, even on the very long term, and a good drainage of the toxins related to the treated substance.

That is why, at BBA, we attach a high importance to this small eviction period for the treated substance.

After this period of 25 h (6 h for children), the patient may again be in contact with the treated substance as if he had never been allergic or intolerant.

In the BBA method, we have made the field treatment our priority : this relates to groups of substances with which we are all daily in contact with through water, food and the environment. An allergy or intolerance, even partial, to these substances undermines and weakens the body which opens the door to other types of allergies, intolerances or various other pathologies.

That is why, according to the importance of the patient’s allergic field, determined by muscle tone tests, the practitioner could propose to do this field treatment beforehand which can include, in the most important cases, up to fifteen groups of substances : This field treatment allows a global understanding of the problem working slowly to very strongly limit the number of sessions, and to receive an effective treatment, even on the very long term.

The BBA method can also detect psychological blocks, the source, or not, of the allergies (negative emotional memories, shock, trauma...) and resolve them.

Example : A young boy who had a very resistant widespread eczema. Regularly, after remission periods, his eczema came back even more than before without anyone being able to isolate a conclusive cause. The cleaning of morbid fears related to serious surgeries in his young childhood allowed for his eczema problem to be permanently treated.

As for allergies and intolerances, we can permanently treat an emotional memory, or another disturbance, in one sitting. However, the psyche also relies on the body’s chemistry, so, to get a fully satisfactory and sustainable long term outcome, it is strongly recommended to have previously treated the field by cleaning the main allergies or intolerances.


Who should use the BBA method?

Complementary to allopathy and various other natural medicines, this method doesn't interfere with any type of treatment, whatever it may be. Energetic, it uses no medication and does not have any side effects or collateral health risks.

Hay fever, eczema, asthma, food intolerances, animal fur reactions, migraine headaches, digestive, circulatory, and hormonal disorders, medication rejection, certain forms of depression and dependence, all types of immune disorders, hyperactivity, etc,; the BBA method applies to all of these pathologies sufferers, more prevalent in our changing environment (lifestyle, climate, industrial food, pollution, all types of radiation, technology…).

The BBA method takes into account every person: baby, child, adult, elderly or disabled, in their specificity and their entirety, and aims to permanently eliminate energy imbalances that are the causes of illnesses.


A European-Scaled Method

The BBA Method has been adapted to the European public with their attitudes and habits of life, to European practitioners and their way of practicing, and, especially, it is adapted to local allergens.
It was developed with the support of many practitioners that already have many years’ experience in the energetic allergies treatment field.
Efficiently, sustainably, without interfering with any other care method, even allopathic, and without any side effects, this method attacks all types of allergies, intolerances and emotional experiences memories.
It takes into account the human being in all its dimensions: physical, physiological, energetic and emotional.


Definition of allergy :