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Hay fever, food intolerances, medication rejections, asthma, eczema, animal hair or dust reactions, digestive, hormonal or respiratory disorders, allergies of all kinds, and derived diseases; these are not a fatality. BBA is an effective, natural, rational and safe way to overcome these temporary life difficulties.

Bye Bye Allergies, what is it ?

BBA is a natural technique for the elimination of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.
This method has been developed from Françoise and François Munsch’s long experience as practitioners, and as trainers of other natural health practitioners, for the past thirty years. It has been developed from elements of many methods including Chinese Energetics, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Naturopathy... taking into account the specificities of the public population, of practitioners, and of the allergens of our regions.
It has already helped thousands of people in Europe to get rid of their allergies once and for all, and reconnect with health and happiness to be able to lead a normal life.


Bye Bye Allergies, how does it work?

Basic principle :

According to BBA, the allergic phenomenon is a negative response (physical, physiological, or psychological reaction) of a specific person to a - or several - given substance(s). For the majority of people, these same substances are harmless, or well-tolerated, or even useful to their health: it is therefore an internal malfunctioning of an allergic or intolerant person who creates this inappropriate reaction and which must be remedied. Indeed, in the allergic or intolerant person, for personal reasons, their brain has perceived and recorded this substance as a threat for themself; the immune system is then mobilized against this "invasion" and and goes on a disorderly hunt for the inappropriate intruder. The treatment is therefore to rectify the body’s energy imbalances, the pathology causes, and especially, to correct this misperception of the brain.

It appears that stress, aggressions, and various traumas that we have experienced in today's world are responsible for internal “communication errors”, or bugs, that disrupt our metabolism and are the source, among other things, of our allergies and intolerances.

Bye Bye Allergies will allow this correction : working with the energy meridians, it re-programs the body to reinstate sustainable ways to harmoniously manage these same substances that had previously failed - a bit like a "reset" in computer science.
After the treatment, the incompatibility and the energy "clash" will have completely disappeared and there will no longer be any more traces of allergy, sensitivity or intolerance when newly in contact with the substance.

BBA tackles the cause of the allergy, and not simply the symptoms that result from it.

L'action de la méthode BBA "Bye Bye Allergies" peut facilement être objectivée à l'aide d'une caméra GDV de Korotkov. Les clichés ci-dessous ne sont qu'un exemple parmi des milliers. Dans le cadre d'un travail thérapeutique, ils doiventt être interprétés et confrontés à d'autres clichés de l'énergie de la personne. Notre propos ici est juste de montrer la réalité du changement suite à chaque séance aux personnes qui ne connaissent pas encore les traitements énergétiques.

Ci-dessous pour exemple, on peut clairement observer le réalignement instantané des chakras (ce sont d'importants centres d'énergie) chez une jeune personne. A gauche avant une séance "Bye Bye Allergies", à droite après cette même séance "Bye Bye Allergies":


Nous pouvons également constater par l'analyse du champ d'énergie que cette dernière passe de 50 joules avant la séance à 61 joules après la séance avec un équilibre qui progresse de 69 à 97%.


Dans le même temps, l'analyse par le logiciel montre les éléments suivants (la bande orange correspond à avant le traitement, la bande violette à après le traitement, et la bande multicolore du bas sert uniquement de curseur) :

- le niveau de stress de l'organisme diminue de 4,32 à 3,46 (échelle de 0 à 10).

- l'énergie  évolue de 50,05 % à 61,27 %.

- la symétrie énergétique dans les méridiens progresse de 69,40 % à 97,20 %.  

- l'équilibre énergétique des organes progresse de 66,73 % à 88,08 %



Bye Bye Allergies in practice ?

The test to be able to detect the problem substances is very simple, extremely precise and effective, while being non-invasive : depending on the practitioner, it is either a Muscle Tone Test, or the Chinese Pulse Method.

The treatment is done using acupuncture points stimulation (digital or using a vibrator) while the person is in contact with a sample corresponding to the treated allergen.



We permanently treat a substance, or group of substances, in each session.

At the end of each session, the patient must respect an eviction period of 25 hours (6 hours for children) for the substance treated. This is to allow for the new information to be conveyed to all the meridians and allow a proper elimination of the toxins associated with the allergen.

It might be tempting to dispense with this eviction period, though very short-lived. For many years as practitioners, we are regularly faced with practitioners using various methods that say they can do without this 25 hours eviction period. Force is to note, in the light of experience, that this momentary eviction period is very important. It allows for each meridian to completely and permanently memorize the treatment which ensures efficiency, even on the very long term, and a good drainage of toxins related to the treated substance. That is why, at BBA, we attach a high importance to this small eviction period for the treated substance.

In the BBA method, we have made the field treatment our priority : This allows us to work gently, which is effective even over the long term, and which permits a significant decrease in the number of sessions needed to treat the allergy or intolerance.

This method also allows the detection of psychological blocks that could be the source, or not, of the allergies (negative emotional memories, shocks, traumas...) and to resolve them permanently.




This is a field work which allows the body to recover its full ability to adequately and sustainably manage all substances in its environment.

As with allergies and intolerances, we are also able to permanently treat an emotional memory, or another type of disturbance, in one consultation. However, the psyche also relies on the body’s chemistry, and it is necessary to have previously treated the field by cleaning the main allergies or intolerances to be able to get a fully satisfactory and sustainable outcome for deeper emotional or psychological blocks.

Who should use this method ?

Complementary to allopathy, as with various other natural medicines, this method doesn't interfere with any type of treatment, whatever it might be. Energetic, it uses no drugs and does not cause any side effects or any collateral health risks.

Hay fever, asthma, food intolerances, eczema, animal hair reactions, migraines, digestive, circulatory, or hormonal pain and disorders, drug rejection, certain forms of depression and addiction, hyperactivity, all types of immune disorders, etc.; BBA is aimed at everyone that suffers from these pathologies which have become more and more prevalent in today’s changing environment (lifestyle, climate, industrial food, pollution, technology...).

Bye Bye Allergies takes into account every person in its singularity and its entirety, and aims to permanently eliminate energy imbalances, the causes of these ailments and diseases, by restoring the person’s energy integrity.


Who are the practitioners ?

BBA practitioners have received an intensive and complete theoretical and practical training. Throughout their training courses, these practitioners have had individualized follow-ups as well as regular reinforcement sessions so as to guarantee that you will receive a high quality of care. The practitioners originate from various health disciplines : natural, energy or allopathic.

They all have in common :

- the BBA Training
- the BBA Ethical Framework Charter.


The BBA Ethical Framework

BBA practitioners are committed to a high level of therapeutic quality when adhering to the BBA Ethical Charter, which is based on the Universal Human Rights Declaration.

You can consult the Charter by following this link : BBA Practitioners Ethical Charter

Searching for a BBA practitioner ? Click on the link to access the BBA Practitioners Directory

For 2023, the preferential tariff per person for 3 days is, lunch and educational supplies included, according to the training location: 570 € for Angoulême (1 hour from Bordeaux, France) 580 € Poisy (74 near Annecy) and Neuville-sur-Saône (Lyon, France), 590 € for Paris (France). This rate applies to everyone in the event of a registration prior to the deadline date (1 month before each seminar. To know the exact date, please refer to documents relating to each seminar). In the event of registration after this date, the normal rate applies as follows: 600 € for Angoulême, 610 € for Poisy and Neuville-sur-Saône, 620 € for Paris. The second and the third seminar rates are identical, under the same conditions for the registration date. However, you can also take advantage of a super preferential tarif for these second and third seminars, but only if you register without delay during the previous level seminar: 540 € for Angoulême, 550 € for Poisy and Neuville and 560 € for Paris.

Le cycle complet de trois journées “ Journées d’Approfondissement à partir de la Pratique “ coûte 360 € ( les repas ne sont pas compris dans les journées d’Approfondissement ). En vous inscrivant directement aux niveaux 2 et 3 lors du premier séminaire, vous profiterez même d'une réduction de 60 € sur le troisième séminaire.

Allergens vials in storage boxes that are necessary to practice will be proposed at € 427 (double kit in wood case, 152 vials). These boxes can be recycled indefinitely and, by observing a few preservation instructions, you can use them for life. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information; our database contains thousands of allergens. In any case, the first two allergens boxes will already allow you to treat innumerable diseases, since the BBA logic is to treat the field which means that you do not have to deal individually with each of the substances to which your patients are allergic.

We are at your disposal for all information and for registration by mail, or by phone, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire directement en ligne!