Let’s say goodbye to your allergies and intolerances !

Hay fever, food intolerances, medication rejections, asthma, eczema, animal hair or dust reactions, digestive, hormonal or respiratory disorders, allergies of all kinds, and derived diseases; these are not a fatality.
The definitive eviction or the taking of drugs for life are not satisfactory answers!
The energy allergies treatment method with "BBA-Bye Bye Allergies" is different, innovative, while fully respecting the past achievements. It takes into account the person’s needs and mind-sets, as well as the specificities of European allergens.
"BBA" is a bridge between ancestral knowledge and modern world advances. Its true originality, unique in the allergies and intolerances field, is its consideration of the human being as a whole entity. This permits the possibility to go even further in well-being and in the lasting resolution of diseases related to allergies, intolerances of all kinds, and energy memories related to the emotional experience.
"Bye Bye Allergies" really deals with the person and the allergy field, in order not to confine itself with the symptom.
It collectively uses principles and techniques resulting from many tested methods including Energy Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Homeopathy… It is a treatment that does not use any medicated contribution.
"Bye Bye Allergies" is a natural, non-invasive, energy method with no side effects. With a really impressive efficiency, "BBA" fits into an alternative treatment reasoning and is respectful of each of them. It is not opposed to any other type of treatment. "BBA" is not a desensitizing method.
Falling under a different logic, it treats the fundamental cause of the allergies and intolerances effectively and durably.
"Bye Bye Allergies" re-initializes erroneous body coding’s through acupuncture meridians. At the end of the "BBA" energetic treatment, you can live again as if you had never been allergic or intolerant: you can be in contact with or consume the treated substances just like everyone else.
“Bye Bye Allergies ®” is an exclusively energetic method: as such, it works on a different level from that of medicine. It does not oppose, does not replace and in no way exempts you from a diagnosis and medical monitoring.
All comments made on this site, even when not specified individually, only concern the energetic sphere: they in no way concern one or more elements falling within the field of medicine, the only one capable of carrying out diagnoses and medical treatments.
Françoise and François Munsch are natural health practitioners and trainers for the last 30 years. In 2010, they decided to devote themselves to the development and the teaching of their new "BBA" energy allergies treatment method. Their research, undertaken beginning with their long experience and with the assistance and support of many practitioners as well as experienced trainers, takes particularly into account the needs and specificities of the environmental, and the cultural and human context of our European continent.
"BBA" encounters a great success with the public population as well as with practitioners: already more than 600 practitioners have been trained to use this method and who practise daily in Europe.First European method of energy treatment of allergies and intolerances by the number of trained practitioners, “Bye Bye Allergies” is supported by a continuous research and development work. Thus its action is objectified with the help of the GDV camera of Dr Korotkov which makes it possible to analyse the action of the sessions.Below, an example of a person’s energy field study before ( in orange ) and after ( in purple ) one “Bye Bye Allergies” session.





See the " BBA - Bye Bye Allergies " practitioner closest  to you by following this link: http://www.bba-byebyeallergies.org/annuaire-des-praticiens-bye-bye-allergies.html


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