BBA Practitioner’s directory

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This directory is the only official list of all practitioners for the BBA energetic allergies treatment method.

Several times on various general practitioners directories, and since the great success of the BBA method, we have found some therapists who are untrained at BBA but who have usurped the BBA practitioner title. This is why, before calling a BBA practitioner, we strongly suggest that you check that he/she is listed on our certified BBA practitioners list below. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

BBA practitioners have signed and agreed to the BBA Ethical Charter. They are installed according to an official status (liberal profession, society, association of portage, auto-enterprise...) and practise freely under their own responsibility in their offices. They are free to determine their fees and they have followed all, or part, of the official curriculum for the BBA allergies treatment practitioners training.

Before you contact a BBA practitioner, we invite you, of course, to acknowledge their BBA training level that is clearly indicated in the list below :

- Level 1 Initial: this is the first stage of training. These practitioners are able to vigorously treat any common allergies or intolerances.

- Level 2 Development: having followed intermediate level training, practitioners are able to cope with the more complex situations involving strong emotional memories.

- Level 3 Development: this is the ultimate training level. These practitioners have followed a full training course, enabling them to cope with the more complex situations, possibly associated with more serious or auto-immune reactions, by energy work.

- Reinforcement: this is a continuous improvement work in relation to practical situations. We strongly recommend that practitioners follow these days, in which they will benefit from a real advantage in terms of therapeutic skills. The years during which they have validated these days are listed on the directory.

We wholeheartedly wish for you to succeed in treating your difficulties with the practitioners of your choice.